David Johnson + Yeldon trade for Zeke/Mixon/Gordon

Looking to Trade DJ for another running back. Currently have DJ, Yeldon, Lynch, Aaron Jones, Alex Collins

Would trading DJ + Yeldon (mainly cause yeldon is temporary and want someone other then DJ for my RB1) for Zeke, Mixon or Gordon + WR1/2 work for the right team?

The guy who owns Zeke also owns Mixon and Lindsay. The Gordon owner has Crowell, Drake, and Buck Allen.

Any suggestions?

There’s no way someone would accept a downgrade at both RB slots haha. So Zeke AND Mixon together for DJ and Yeldon is just not an option. I think your best bet is to trade DJ for Mixon or DJ and a WR1/2 for Gordon.

My bad. The post is probably confusing, but it would be for 1 of those RB1’s.

Ahhhh ok haha

I think it would be very difficult to get any trade going for Zeke with DJ in it. They would just lose too much value in that position. I would target Mixon if I were you - love him and that’s a sellable trade