David Johnsonnnnn

I need help debating why I should draft D.J. at #4 in the draft. I’m worried he could be due for regression, sub par OL, he’s also got a new OC - not sure how he’ll be used, etc. or I could get someone else like Saquon who’s another bell cow - HC Shurmer is dedicated to his RBs and has an improved OL.

you cant go wrong with any of the elite guys. you really cant. because i have DJ pegged for a big regression. but that dosent mean he will suck. i just think he will go more towards the norm for elite players. 1600-1800 yards, 10 ish TDs. should still hit a good number for receptions. he isnt a bad choice. me, i would just prefer others over him. melvin gordon being one of them. then of course the big 3, gurley, zeke, and bell. so really the only reason you should, is because you cant go wrong with any of them.


I think recency bias of several years of successful rookies is causing an over draft of Saquon. If I don’t want DJ at my number 4 its cuz I’m taking Antonio brown. Saquon has not done it yet, and the giants haven’t produced a good RB since Bradshaw. The O line is theoretically improved but that’s debatable and even then it wouldn’t take much to call it improved. That O line could suck. Eli could suck. And boom suddenly you have a RB on a bad team.


not that i disagree with you, but the same thing could be said for DJ, and zeke. except for the bad o line part for zeke. i think that next year is the year where we finally have some balance to the RBs coming out, but out of anyone that could still produce at a high level, its barkley. but i do agree, we are still over drafting him. i can just understand why with how this year is going so far. we are back to RB heavy drafting across all leagues, so you kinda have to take risks like barkley to compete in the middle of the draft like spot 1.04 to 1.08. i dont agree with it, but its almost a MUST to have a top end RB to win these days. otherwise you are taking a lot more risky moves later in the draft at RB than just taking barkley super early.


I can’t do it.

i can’t take a rookie as a first pick. I just can’t. no matter how bad i want to own a wonderful season for SB and hold him in dynasty. I can’t for the life of me take him as my first. Then again I have not drafted below 5 :wink:

I know talent speaks all and he is going to be good. but.

I always think about the human aspect of this. These guys are technically kids still. new team first time in the NFL. you have to deliver. you have to deliver

because of this I always go with someone. somewhat seasoned

at least as my first pull