David Johonson + Deebo = Kelce?

I have OJ Howard as TE in 12 team standard. After a top TE. I have plenty of RB and WR depth. The guy with Kelce needs RBs. What do you think of the below offer. Fair offer?

I give: David Johnson and Deebo or another WR
I get: Kelce

His Team:
QB: R Wilson, A Rodgers
RB: D. Henry, S Michel, A Peterson, B Snell
WR: M Evans, C Kupp, T.y. Hilton, J Landry, H Ruggs
TE: Kelce

QB: Cam
RB: J Jacobs, K Drake, David Johnson, J Mckinnon
WR: McLaurin, D Parker, N Harry, R Anderson, Deebo, D Slayton
TE: OJ Howard

I think trying to send Deebo won’t work since he hasn’t played yet, so unless the other team is a big 49ers fan I don’t see that working. I’m also a believer in Deebo, so holding that piece back could pay off for you later in the year.

To get Kelce, you’ll have to deal him 2 starting guys I think, and probably a better RB than DJ. If I was him, I’d probably ask for Jacobs and McLaurin and hope you “talk me down” to Drake/McLaurin, Jacobs/Anderson…and I’m guessing that’s too much to give from your team.

If you’re only willing to deal David Johnson, I think you have to throw in McLaurin in which case, try to get a WR back that you think has started slow but will be better (Kupp or TY) + Kelce.

Thanks. I thought it may below. I’d give up Drake but not Jacobs. Damien Harris and Antonio Gibson are available on waivers so those could be later season values I could pick up. I amy be losing too much giving up McLaurin. May just be better off streaming TE’s at this point.