David Montgomery for miles Sanders and Emmanuel sanders

So I’m posting this to get some feedback for my trade partner. He is fairly new and is having a tough time saying yes to my offer so I wanted to get mass feedback so he can make a choice on it.

It’s a keeper league and we just drafted.


So I’m offering him montgomery for both Sanders, do you guys think this is fair? HPPR

Bump cause he wants to see haha

bump once more, he is determined to see what yall say. dont let me down footclan!

The fact that I don’t have a strong feeling either way makes me think it is fair. Although if I were forced to choose I’d probably rather have the Sanders, roster depending.

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I own M. Sanders and E. Sanders and if I were offered that trade I wouldn’t accept it. I’d rather keep the two potential break outs instead of trading them for one.

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I think it’s very fair but also very roster dependent. If I was deep at WR but weak at RB, I would do this because Montgomery > M. Sanders. But if E. Sanders is his WR 2 or 3, I would hang on to them.

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for perspective then, here is his roster. does this give more of a concrete answer for him?

Alright I would definitely make this trade if I were him.

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thanks brother! appreciate the perspectives guys!

And tell him to never draft two TEs or the 4th string RB for a team (Rex Burkhead) ever again.

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lmao and he hates Trey Burton too.

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