David Montgomery - Immediate Sell?

So it finally happened, I know the schedule after week 10 until season end is very appealing but… next up is Philly, do you sell now after the big game?

What tier of player would you be looking to go after? Full PPR

I’m keeping him. Monty was the only one moving the ball today and I think Nagy calling plays continues to feed him to keep the ball out of Turdbiskys hands.

Obviously, if you can flip him for an big upgrade you do it, but I’m confident keeping him and seeing if he heats up.

I mean 31 touches was the dream all year but if he can even out in the low to mid 20s each week, with goaline work and 3-5 receptions he’ll be solid with his schedule.

Just have the fear that Nagy will out think himself again. Will put some feelers out for an upgrade and see

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Same. Trying to shop him to RB hungry teams right now but if I get no bites, that’s okay too. He’s a good RB just FEED THE MAN.

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He is not a good RB… all his big plays were through wide open gaps. He might get usage but I’d try to use him in a 2 for 1 upgrade

I think his struggles are as much a product of the Bears completely misfiring, Nagy trying to be too clever on every play and have a QB who isn’t a viable starter right now.

He’s not a world beater for sure but he can be a solid enough RB2 or flex if he gets consistent usage vs his remaining matchups (bar next week vs Eagles).

No denying though he has been one of the biggest busts this year based on ore draft hype. Behind super bust OJ Howard of course…