David Montgomery or Robbie Anderson ROS?

Full PPR, curious to get the views here. Usually I’d lean RB but looking at the schedule and the poor state of the Bears running game I don’t see the upside with Monty this year? Anderson has the stretch run that could make him a must start coming up.

Is it crazy to prefer Anderson?

Full PPR I almost always lean WR, although Anderson isn’t a volume guy. I think full PPR I’d prefer Crowder.

Yes a higher volume guy like Crowder sure.

For context I have the below RBs and WRs, I may have to pick up Hock if he goes tonight to try for a win then I can drop either him (I have Engram if he’s fit) or LAC DST or both (I stashed the Bills). Based on my squad would you go for Anderson over Monty, ceiling over floor essentially. Monty won’t win you any weeks, Anderson might?

RBs - Kamara, DJ, Montgomery, Jones, Singletary, Coleman,
WRs - Allen, Amari Cooper, Godwin, OBJ

Monty is probably your #5 RB right now (IMO), assuming Singletary becomes the #1 back when he comes back. I just traded for him in one of my leagues and love him, just hoping he gets the work.

Anderson would be your #5 WR probably. It’s one of those moves that I don’t think is going to help or hurt you a ton, because either is probably going to sit the bench most weeks.

I would probably lean keeping Monty because RB’s tend to get hurt and are tougher to find. I agree Anderson has a much higher ceiling, just don’t see you using him often.

I would drop the Charger defense for him though.

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Fair points, one of those sideways moves. I’ll drop the DST for him either way, may need a WR this week with Godwin and OBJ on bye and Cooper banged up