David Montgomery

Does anyone have any faith in him to have a good game? had like 80 yards last game still getting a bunch of touchs like 15+ and then they have the packers bad run defense?

I have him on both my teams and am not planning on playing him. So in short, not really.

They don’t use him correctly and he hasn’t looked good in the games I’ve watched. He is barely used in the passing game which hurts too.

If you play him you have to pray he scores otherwise the odds of him getting you double digit points is almost 0.


I’ve been going back and forth with him too.
I don’t think I’ll be playing him either and flexing AJ Brown over him.

Right now hes on the bench and is only being considered for a flex

cooper and lockett are my wr with sutton in the flex but i dont know if I should consider benching cooper facing ramsey or lockett whos just been a dud

Itd be monty or aj brown are the only real considerations on the flex if i bench one of the bigger name wr