David Moore

You guys buying this dude? I’m pretty swamped with week 9 bye. Considering dropping Winston and throwing him in the flex over AJones.

Yeah I like him. He’s getting a lot of air yards and getting good red zone looks. His usage is still concerening though at <50%. I don’t think I’m starting him yet but I picked him up before this weeks set of games as a deep stash.

I like David Moore but idk if I’d pick him up over these other two what do you think? David Moore, Amendola, or keke

I’m thinking about picking him up too. The other interesting option on my waiver is DJ Moore. Which Moore would you choose?

I’d take Keke over moore for sure. Probably take Dola over him too. Dola playing in nearly 100% of snaps with Wilson out.

It’s a flip between the 2 moores. Might take DJ just from a talent perspective and cause he’s on a offense that passes moore. Pun intended. They are both playing <50% of snaps still though so its a deep stash either way.

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