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David vs. Ingram


.5 PPR. Who would you rather have ROS. David Johnson or Mark Ingram?


Ingram. He will be well involved in no offense. Just remember he was a top 5 rb last year for over half the season.


Thanks @dustin_mitchell for the input. I’ve got an offer where I can get Ingram, but it’ll cost me Aaron Jones and Calvin Ridley. You think that’s too much? I have Baldwin, Sanders, and JuJu as my other WRs.


I think I could get Johnson for the same deal. Not confirmed, but pretty sure it would work.


I’d rather have Ingram. But that would leave you a little slim at wr. Unless you high on fournette maybe try and dish him out and possibly get a low end wr2 with ingram


Call me crazy but I’d rather have DJ ROS… Ingram might be the same as last year but DJ does it all(rushes and catches) and I do believe DJ will start picking it up ROS.