Davis vs Golladay

Corey Davis or Kenny Golladay ROS in standard

I would pick golladay just because Stafford airs it out more and golladay has a decent target share.

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Davis. Give me the volume and the targets. Titans are obviously a worse team but anyone who has 30%+ market share is who I want on my team cause thats WR1 upside volume.

I hear all that. I want to be swayed because I feel Davis is the smarter play. But…I’m not convinced… the catches Golladay is making are just too clean.

I’d be on the Davis side. Just a better situation to be in. De facto no.1 target. Golladay is amazing but opportunity wins out for me.

im gonna have to say Davis. it’s a safe bet to say Davis will see far more targets ROS than golladay will the way these teams look currently. golladay would need a couple teammates to get injured to call that into question (# of targets, I mean).

also, the Lions and the Titans both have particularly difficult schedules ROS. i like Davis more bc of that, as both teams will look to the best guys on their roster to lean on in these tough games. as will mariota and stafford. i think that hurts golladay’s prospects greatly, bc he has Tate ahead of him on the depth chart who stafford trusts more at this point. at best, golladay will be a beneficiary of stafford spreading the ball around. at worst, he will be an afterthought. davis, on the other hand, is the better of basically 2 options for mariota right now. mariota will be forcing throws to him all season i think.


Too bad you don’t get rewarded for making “clean catches”. You get rewarded for catches, yards and TDs. Davis is just as talented if not more so and he’s literally the only offensive weapon on his team. Give me Davis personally but if you want to play Golladay, go for it, i wouldn’t fight you on it. I love Kenny G too.