I kept Davonte Adam’s as my 3rd pick. I am the 8th pick in draft of a 12 team league. Are you more inclined to go RB, RB with Davonte Adam’s as your third pick?

I would go RB/RB with a top tier WR like Adams. There are many serviceable WR options in later rounds.

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I went RB, RB, RB after I got Davante Adams at the 10th pick in my 10 team league. (James Connor, Kerryon Johnson, Chris Carson)

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Nice depth at RB. Even better in PPR format.

You don’t necessarily need to go RB/RB. But definitely get 1 RB in the first two rounds IMO. Dalvin Cook/James Conner in the late 2nd(if they fall that far) would be perfect

Picking from the 1.08, I’m going WR cause elite WR1s are still there. Then I’ll grab RB in the 2nd round. Would rather have a Tier 1 WR than a Tier 2 RB.