Day-NASTY trade

Zeke for Mixon and D Cook? Yes or no?

Do you need Rb depth… if you do this is a yes…zeke is the better back but with the way he acts off the field thats a dynasty concern. Mixon and cook are not a massive step down.

Think of it in terms of a start up dynasty draft would you trade the 1.04 in start up for 2.02/2.012?
(ADP based on fantasy football calculator)

I’ve got Conner and D Foreman C Thompson C Clement as my other RBs

Then yes conner is your only viable starter, also see if the guy will go a little more like a 2020 2nd or something but at a base value this is a good trade for you.

This is an ez smash accept for me. Mixon + Dalvin Cook will both be studs and contribute more to your team than Zeke will. Not to mention you can’t fix stupid. You’re trading away a top 4 startup pick for a top 12 startup pick and a top 20 startup pick.