Dazed and Confused (RB edition)

James Robinson, Kenyan Drake, Kareem Hunt, JK Dobbins and James Conner are my RBs. Which two should get the start? I also have Calvin Ridley, Michael Thomas, and Stefan Diggs as WRs, I think one of the WRs should go in my flex over any of the RBs, but what are your opinions?

What are the match ups for the RBs? You’re definitely sitting conner.

Matchups are:
Drake at Philly
Hunt at NYG
Robinson at Bal
Dobbins at Jags


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Robinson/drake/dobbins then Hunt. But the last 3 r super close. I put drake first cause of volume. Then dobbins/Hunt are pretty comparable as they tend to have lower volume higher efficiency and both explosive runners. So I let match up decide.

Robinson, Dobbins, Drake
Robinson has crazy volume and a decent matchup. Drake gets good volume and a decent matchup. Dobbins has a great matchup.