I have been offered leveon bell and greg zuerlain for Alvin Kamara and zeke elliott. I am not sure to accept even though is bell, kamara has an awesome playoff schedule. What should I do?

Any help is apprecciated.

I am currently at first place and have clinched the BYE week.

Why is a kicker involved in this trade?

To me it boils down to getting Bell in exchange for Elliott and Kamara.

Kamara has been just as good as Bell and Elliott would be back for Championship week (week 16).

So I say no to this.

Elliot is a gamechanger if you get him in the championship

Would you do T. Taylor and D. Murray for D. Freeman?

Devonta freeman is a risky asset right now. But he has an awesome playoff schedule. If you feel hell come back to form go for it. At the same time murray is just as risky, so if freeman is fine (search for his health) i think i would go for it.