Deadline question! Should I trade Hopkins for Brandin cooks?

I am not sure of Hopkins without Watson. My league is standard. And I am not able to place a value on Hopkins now that Watson is out.

Any help is appreciated thanks.

I would make that trade. Cooks is more reliable for yards after catch. If you’ve watched any games if Tom Savage then you know he’s one of the worst QBs on the league. Like seriously the worst. Cooks has significantly more upside ROS even though Hopkins has put up better numbers so far. Also, this may be the last week to move Hopkins at WR1 value.

Please do it.

Goes either way tbh. depends on how you see it. Savage isn’t a good qb but he will give targets to hops. Brady spreads the ball too much to rely on just cooks.

I’ve seen this exact question a couple of times. My initial thought was ‘absolutely’. Now I’m not so sure. Hopkins had 16 targets last week. 16… that’s absurd. If he can get that kind of work load, or close, I’m not sure it matters how bad the QB is.

Yeah. I don’t know what to do. What if I could add golden Tate into the trade, or maybe Devante Parker. I have a losing team right now so I am panicking a bit.