Dealing a WR to secure a Qb? Who do you prefer rest of year?

Who do you like better rest of year, Keenan Allen or Devin Funchess?

I’m in need of a qb badly, so I’m thinking about shipping one of them off for a qb.

Out of this list of qb’s who would you target in a trade?

Rivers, Stafford, Goff, Matt Ryan, or Cam?

Allen for me as he has huge volume.

I would trust Cam and Stafford personally

depends on how solid your roster is.

Ryan is solid baseline…i have not checked out rivers numbers but he seems to be more boom.

I like Allen…he had that strecth where he had incredible baseline…unless I think someone got hurt in front of funchess so that might sway me

Here is my roster as of now.

I like your team but don’t like your QB
I follow most those guys but not Agholor but instincts from what I have seen tell me he is not very good.

Here are players I do not see value in
Clay ( and I would risk just Engram)
ivory (don’t follow him but same feelings as agholor)

Love Bell and Fournette, your TE, and kicker and Ravens

Look to move that…I think you said you are solid and in first…then Ryan is a very very safe bet. He will get his and his baseline is not too low…add Goff to that and you have BIG time certain match up guy… Goff will probably have several more big games (3) I don’t follow Rivers, I know he was hot but had bad week… I would never go with a QB that had a disasterous week…like a guy who scores nothing…I would never rely on a guy like Taylor that reason. I have Russell. His worst weeks he will probably get you 14 in my league, 20 is solid, and 30 is big game (in my league)

I think I’d be ok with either qb, but I think I like Rivers schedule going forward as far as playoffs go