Dealing with bad draft opponents

I’m curious how anyone lets the players in their league change their draft strategy. Recently I had a draft where multiple leaguemates took QBs a bit early, which was fine, but once they started to take their 2nd QB I got a little worried.

I have another draft coming up where I know some of the people are going to make little errors like this, do you plan around this and take a QB earlier than you’d like or stick to your ideals and let them have lopsided teams lol.

I know “those leagues are no fun”, thats not what I’m looking for. Most of mine are competitive but there’s always someone reaching to an extreme amount

Stick to smart drafting. They may have two Qbs a piece but you’ll still be streaming a decent QB while playing your Powerhouse position players that fell to you, to go along with your stacked bench. Don’t fall into that trap.

lets say its a 12 man league, and everyone drafts 2 QBs, but you. thats 22 QBs going. that leaves you with eli manning, blake bortles, case keenum… im 100% ok with this. because the value of those 22 players that fell because of them goin QB heavy and early is amazing. i mean thats almost 2 rounds of value! lets say it happens early, everyone has picked 2 QBs by round 8. that means players like rex burkhead, marvin jones, chris thompson, will fuller… they are all there. and there is risk that comes with all of them, but now you have gotten rid of the risk by having them so much later. let the QB sheep draft their QBs early and often, and then laugh as you get all this value that falls into your lap.

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