Deals, Deals, and Deals

14 Team League PPR (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/TE/RB, K, D) . This is a 2 Keeper League.

Here is the offers I have gotten

Deal 1.
I Trade A. Brown
I Get C. McCaffery and John Brown

Deal 2.
I Trade A. Brown and Chris Carson
I Get L. Fournett and E. Sanders

Deal 3
I Trade A. Brown and Chris Carson
I Get D. Cook and A. Robinson

Everyone thinks I need to upgrade my RB so I guess thats why everyone is going after brown. Thoughts .

My Team

M. Ryan
B. Bortals

Melvin Gordon
Alex Collins
Chris Carson
Tarik Cohen
Austin Ekeler
Rod Smith
A. Brown
K. Allen
K. Benjamin
Cameron Meredith
Kenny Golladay
Keelen Cole


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Deal 1… NO

Deal 2… NO

Deal 3… maybe

Your RB aren’t amazing but you have two starters in Collins and Melvin…
Id look to trade like Kelvin and/or golladay for like a kerryon or James white or maybe a royce Freeman or penny…

All of these deals are straight trash. Why would you ever have to give up Carson in addition to the best player in the trade.

I wouldn’t even entertain or respond to that trade proposal. It’s insulting.