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Deandre Hopkins and Willie Snead for OBJ trade


Fair or no? Who would get the raw end of the deal?


No chance I would do that if I had OBJ


No way that gets accepted


Talent wise OBJ is better, but I don’t know by how much. Hopkins was a stud 2 years ago with a competent QB so I wouldn’t call it unfair but the team that got OBJ seems like the better deal.

The only reason I think someone contemplates this deal is because you think Eli Manning is done and you think OBJ is going to be catching passes from Geno Smith for the next 5 years. Even then, is an old Eli or Geno Smith worse than Savage or Watson in Houston?


I think OBJ is heads and shoulders above Hopkins talent wise. We have already seen Hopkins ceiling when he gets forced the ball for 1/2 the season and that ceiling isn’t even close to OBJ’s. OBJ’s baseline is already above Hopkin’s ceiling and we haven’t even seen close to what this guy can do I don’t think. I can easily see him putting up Brown numbers and then some. Snead is the piece to me that can make a jump if he stays healthy just thanks to Brees and now he is the second option, where as last year he was the number 3, which is still valuable in a Brees led offense.

Eli is def better than anyone Houston has and he already has the chem with OBJ as well. NY can’t run the ball to save their life either which plays into OBJ. I slighlty worry about the division being tough against the pass, but he has dominated in that division thus far.


If you get OBJ then absolutely YES!!!