Deandre Hopkins Dynasty Trade

Curious people’s thoughts on this trade I just made. major rebuild in my 10 team half PPr dynasty league

Traded away DeAndre Hopkins


DJ Moore
AJ Brown
Derek Carr (just lost Big Ben, just for some depth)
2020 1st early to mid
2020 1st late

Hate to lose the best receiver in football, but felt like it was right for my team. Gives me 4 total 2020 1sts. Shoot me straight, what do you think?

I always hate to trade top position players in their prime but to be honest, it looks like you made a wise move here with what you got back. Obviously the 4 1st round picks are subject to your team needs but I like that you got back young, high upside receivers as well. If you wanted a rebuild, this is a great start. Side note: perhaps packaging a couple picks for a RB1 or WR 1 could make sense down the road before next season.

Appreciate the input, man. And thanks for the tip. Not a bad idea on packaging a couple of the picks for an established WR1/RB1…regardless of how much hype there is around this draft class, you never know.