DeAndre Hopkins for LeSean McCoy? Pics Included

I would be giving Hopkins to get McCoy. Bell goes on bye next week and I am terrible at RB otherwise. If not this trade straight up then what combinations should I consider in this trade? I am 3-4 In a 12 Team Full PPR League which I am being told is decent for my first time but I feel as though I need to make some moves to get into playoffs.

I wouldn’t do it. You definitely need help at RB, but Hopkins Is your only good receiver so you would be pretty bad at WR then

What about be a good recommendation for trying to even out how bad I am currently at WR/ RB? Gilly and Pryor were supposed to cover that, but here we are lol.

you are okay at RB (with no injuries) if you can pick up woodhead because i see your league has no IR spot, when he comes back he should be very good. As for WR do not trade hopkins he is the only good WR you have… at this point you have to look at the waiver not much trading you can do. Unless someone wants Mariota/Gillislee. However, you have Engram who i believe will be a top 3 TE by the end of the season.

Trade Bell and see if you can get 2 for 1? like shady and DT.

I was shopping Bell earlier and yesterday I had a guy offer Hyde and Garcon for Bell which i turned down. I can try for Shady & DT and see what happens.

I don’t think shady and dt get you nearly enough in return for bell. Bell can probably get close to outscoring them by himself some weeks

I think that’s my only concern. Bell gives alot in terms of scoring. A 2 for 1 with Bell seems like a good path but I just need to figure out which 2. If not with this owner, then someone else.

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