Deandre Hopkins or Melvin Gordon

If you had to draft one of these with your 1st round pick, which would you choose and why? PPR scoring.

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Hopkins. Watson and Hopkins were the best QB WR duo last year when healthy and Watson is supposed to be 100%

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I only disagree because it is a PPR scoring and Will Fuller will be back. With Gordon, you have the potential for running yards and a large amount of passing yards

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i love gordon and all, but hopkins is a step up. i would rather trust my tiers and take the dynamic WR

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Nuk and it’s not even close, I personally don’t think much of Melvin Gordon and I think he is 2nd rnd pick.

Even with Fuller coming back and KEke in the slot for the Texans. Nuk will be a top 5 in his position group barring injury. I can’t say that about Gordon. Not to mention you have eckler who will take some reps and possible receiving reps and don’t sleep on Justin Jackson out of northwestern, Could see more of rb committee for the chargers next season. Gordon has been banged at times also.

just to defend gordon a bit here, thats what they have said about him every year. oh ekler, or woodhead, or what ever trash they put behind him. he wont catch! then he goes and catches 60 balls. got another 12 TDs. passed 1000 yards. and now has a healthy, improved O line. cats gonna ball. if you dont like him cause he had some injuries, thats understandable. but i wouldnt sleep on him. thats their back. this sounds kinda like you had him and he burnt you and now you wont go back or undervalue him. dont fall for that trap man.

but i do still agree, hopkins over gordon.

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The only reason I say gordon, is because you can get someone in the second round who willnot be as good as Hopkins, but not too far off. It will be hard to get someone like Gordon’s potential in later rounds because of the pass catching ability. Last year you had a guy like Fitz finish slightly lower than Hopins and he will go in the 4th round this year. After that first round and the keepers, you won’t be able to get a guy like GOodon.

This is why I think it’s an interesting debate. WR is a deeper position. Not to mention that the league I play in is a keeper league, with Gurley, Kamara, & possibly Zeke not even being available in round 1. I think there’s a good argument for taking Gordon because you won’t be able to get a RB like him in the 2nd round. There aren’t many workhorse RBs left and I think he’s one of them

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Never owned Gordon, not a charger fan. Lived in San Diego for the last 12 years.You can find me at Winston in OB. Best Redskins bar outside the DMV. Just my opinion/take on him. Hope, if you own him he balls out for you. I just wouldn’t want him would rather take a gamble on other Rb. Chargers oline is going to much improved next season they get guard Forrest lamp and then add pouncey.

Yeah you can get a wr with similar production in the second, but nuk has the capability to dominate a game.

He does but the second tier WRs arent that crazy off from Hopkins, while the next tier of RBs after Gordon are much lower.

Arguments can be made on both sides. That’s why I wanted to post this to see what kind of responses there would be. Nuk played just as well after Watson got hurt last year too, that was impressive to me. You would have to expect that he’s due for some regression in both TDs and target share % though

Melvin gordon may loose his spot to austin eckler by end of year Nuk is not in a position to loose his spot.

I actually think Gordon is their guy. I read a report recently where Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said they actually want to get Gordon the ball even more this year

there is no world where he loses his spot to eckler. i would bet anything on that.


I mean gordon is good back bt for fantasy ?? everytime ive had him hes been a bumb… and eckler was getting the work

what? eckler touched the ball less than 100 times last year. gordon had well over 300. i dunno what games you been watchin but i dont think it was the chargers. and i have had gordon 2 years in a row now. worth it both times. granted 2 years ago it hurt to lose him week 13. but you can lose anyone at any time.

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I would lean towards Gordon becuase he is a workhorse, but I can see both sides of the coin. Do a few draft scenarios with your league because you know your league mates better than us. Do a few choosing Gordon and a few with Hopkins and see which ones look better. Again my choice would be Gordon especially if you are saying Gurley, Kamara, and Zeke are already off the table.

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Eckler is not taking his job. He may take some reps in the form of screen passes or something. Justin Jackson has a better chance to actually take his spot but that would only happen if Gordon goes down. Eckler is maybe 5-10 touches. To me gurley Bell Zeke Dj Barkley, Kamara Hunt, maybe cook(order however)are all ahead of him imo. Then Fournette maybe. I have Mixon McKinnon Howard all behind Gordon but would rather either of them and then I would rather have guice,Penny, Michel and Chubb at later cost.

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Of all the RBs you listed ahead of Gordon, I would agree except for Cook. I also already know that I likely won’t be able to get any of those based on my draft slot and our league’s keepers. Gordon will be the best available RB IMO

I like cook. If he wasn’t injured last season,he would be ahead of Gordon imo. The recovery from injury gives me some pause. What are you starting requirement and what pick do you have. Who do you project to be available with your next pick. Should factor that and see what combo you think works best for you.