Deandre Hopkins or Melvin Gordon

Could be a good opportunity to use a test that Andy, Mike, & Jason have suggested at times. I could take Gordon and then be looking at someone like Evans or Baldwin. Or I could take Hopkins and be looking at someone like McKinnon or Mixon. Gordon & Evans/Baldwin sounds better to me but someone else could feel otherwise

Also, you can start up to 4 WRs in our league so that could factor in as well

I am assuming that you can start up to 3 RBs too. If so then that is another factor

this really is a great question. because the more i think about it, depending on where i am drafting and who im drafting with, i really might go gordon. much to ponder on. my gut still says hopkins. but in a situation, i might pull the trigger on gordon because of whats available at said time.

Correct. We have 2 RB slots and then the traditional RB/WR flex spot.

My league is the same way. I always draft more WRs than RBs in the end, but with the information that you gave us my vote is for Gordon

I’m in a similar position. Would you rather have Hopkins and Howard or Gordon and Allen?

That’s tough, if I had to choose one of those I’ll take Gordon & Allen. Preferably I would go Gordon & Howard in that situation lol. WR is super deep this year

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