DeAndre Hopkins trade?

Will he be a reliable number 1 WR ROS? In a half point ppr league. Thinking about trading mixon for hopkins.

Kinda feel stuck right now because my backs are CMC, CEH, Mixon, Collins, and Gainwell.

My Wr’s are Thielen, Sutton, Sanders, Bateman, Mooney and Toney. Although, Sutton and Thielen have been producing most weeks I would like some consistency with the other guys being unproven outside of Sanders.

I’m currently sitting 3-3 and trying to ride out the injury bug.

Any thoughts, comments, trade targets, or trade suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks y’all and good luck in your leagues!!

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Bumping up.

I don’t know if Hopkins will be a reliable WR. I feel like Murray passes the ball around too much to get consistent ppr numbers. He’s been able to keep up with fantasy points cause of the number of TDs he’s getting. He could definitely finish a WR 1 imo but I don’t know if it’s reliable.

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