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DeAngelo Williams: Done for good-- or prospective free agent signee somewhere?


I’m rookie drafting in a dynasty league soon, and I’m wondering if I should be holding onto DeAngelo (in case he becomes a hot free agent signee due to injuries somewhere), or if he has indicated somewhere that he is done with the NFL for good (and that this wrestling thing is permanent). Thanks.


I’d bet my money he’s done. Even if there are injuries somewhere, I don’t think he’ll fill the void to become fantasy relevant like he was in Pittsburgh. I’d let him go and get a rookie dart throw instead.


But he was still playing at a high level (as of last year), which is what has me so reluctant.


Isn’t he contracted to a wrestling deal now?


Yeah but he was playing for the Steelers, who have a reputation of running 1RB into the ground, no matter what. I don’t think any other team he potentially signs with will give him the same role. And as Guinness said, I think he’s on a wrestling contract now.


He’s contracted to one wrestling match, after that he can return to football. I think he’s only valuable if he returns to the Steelers, which probably isn’t a long shot given the Steelers top backup is a rookie.