Dear God kill me now!

I’m on the left and I had Waller tonight.

He had Mahomes and Hill who combined for 70.

Hope it’s not too big money of league. and you have a long season to catch up… Plus there’s always possibility of a stat correction with it being that close.

I just lost out on about a 5-10k split of first on fan duel because Edwards came up a 1/2 yard short crossing the plain in OT so I certainly have been feeling the pain tonight too.

Highest score in the league… except him.

Lost my semi-final playoff game last season in my dynasty league to a very similar score. Lost by about .25 of a point.

He had a defense (forget which) and in the waning seconds of the game the other team (pretty sure it was the Bengal’s) hit a FG so i thought for sure i won, but it wasn’t enough points to cause his defense to lose a point. So devastated.

You get one of those every year, can still overcome. Keep grinding.

Bad beat for sure. The wins will come with a team that can put up those numbers. You’ll probably meet them again in the playoffs.