Dear Hunt... Thanks for showing up again!

Lucky I was able to still sneak into the finals… appreciate it buddy. Just need one more week after this. Keep it up!

Amazing KC what happens to your record when you get this guy 20+ carries…

LOL…at least somebody’s gotten lucky this week. GOOD LUCK FROM HERE ON OUT MY FRIEND!!!:hugs:from one FFB chatter to another. You’ve helped me out many times and I THANK YOU huge!!!

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How many finals are you in? How does it look?

In my league Hunt is now sitting on 40 pts!!! ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME??? ROFL!!! Way to go my friend!!! Our league doesn’t do “finals”. Just have our regular season and then the 3 rounds of Play Offs. We have the CONSOLATION BRACKETS for both the winners and losers (those that didn’t make it to the Play Offs). I’m now in the first round of the WINNERS CONSOLATION BRACKET. Which means we still play for points for the FINAL STANDINGS OF THE YEAR. Which means I could come out tops in final standings from overall points yet 4th overall from weekly wins/losses.

That’s an interesting way to play. I’ve never done it that well before. Hunt is starting in my two finals. I feel better than I did at 8:20pm.

That being said I dropped the KC defense for the Saints who is sitting at a pretty 15 points…

Crazy world…this FFB…but I love it and I love all the great people I’ve met here!!! Like you and tons of others.

Yep…you cleaned the slate with Hunt tonight!!! CONGRATS!!! And good jpb on making the call to drop KC DST!!! LOL…remind me to keep tabs with you next season come draft time!!! AND…yeah I know…season’s aren’t won from the draft…but…still!!! LOL

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Next week can by a Tyreek hill game. it looks like I will be playing against Hunt in 2 championship games next week and I have Hill in both

I will allow Hill to have a good game next week (I also have him).

WOW…I congratulated you buddy on dropping KC DST, but…hmmm…apparently your league operates differently than ours. Ours is showing that KC made 16 pts. Funny how all our leagues score so differently. Makes me wonder if I’ve been misleading a lot of people here. LOL…and I thought I knew what I was talking about in all my advices. WOW…so hoping I didn’t mess a bunch of people up!!!

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what an awesome comeback

in a clutch playoff time

Starting the week off wonderful

Thanks Hunt

Thanks Andy Reid

It feels rewarding because I was regretting that I didn’t trade him when he was hot. But felt like I couldn’t bench him either.

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