Dear Jarvis Landry

Dear Jarvis,

Hey man! How are you? Things going okay? You taking care of yourself? Good. Once again, I am so sorry we went our different ways last week. Tell you the truth, I miss seeing your name. I was so patient with you and really believed in you. I turned down 2 trades this past year to keep you around but alas, you only had one big week. I know we’re not together anymore, and I know you just signed with the fantasy owner that I hate the most. THE MOST! Since I was so loyal to you, can you do one thing for me? Please be 25 landmines combined into one. At least have one game where you score -15 points. Is that cool with you?
Who knows? Maybe next year we can link up again?

Well Juice-be good to yourself and don’t forget me.

Defending Champion,

Defeated Dad Look