Dear JuJu Smith-Schuster

Why bro? Why are you putting me in this situation? I think you’re gonna have to make me cut you from my team! Injury prone Will Fuller is out there and I might let you go to grab him. Him or I might pick up Jameis Winston to go with Nick Foles. Or maybe Ryan Tannehill. Do you see the names that I might be cutting you for? Breaks my heart, Juju…but I got a chip I’m going after. Juju, I’ll ask you…what would you do? I have Godwin, Tyreek, Hilton and Josh Gordon- you’re my weakest link -aren’t you?

I would still rather have Juju than Josh Gordon who is still being integrated into a new offense midseason and is their third receiver likely on low pass volume team. It is though though.

I know- I would too- I’m afraid that Lockett isn’t as fine as they say he is and Lockett gets some good production and I’m just cutting Gordon.

I gotta make a move though.
Think I might cut someone to get Winston for playoffs in case Foles falls apart.

Juju got dealt the worst of all situations IMO. AB gone…Big Ben gone…both of those factors equally killed his value this year IMO.

Get Winston, eat those w’s!!!

Thank you, bro- Josh Gordon out, welcome to the team you turnover machine who has only thrown under 300 yards twice this year, Jameis Winston!

Awesome, glad to hear it. I hope he gets us a championship!!