Debating between Watson and Murray in standard with #1 waiver

So I think the answer is Murray here, but I have the #1 waiver, im 4-0 and have drew brees. My rbs are Gordon, Gurley,and my bench rbs are shallow, just derek henry and brandon oliver. This is a 6pt td league, and Im just getting those feelings off Watson that he could become a fantasy phenom with his skillset. The last time I won a title I used Rg3 and flipped rodgers for a great WR years ago…

So I don’t know , going to decide tonight on what to do. Murray SHOULD be good, but im worried about his health and this offense.

I’d take Murray. Watson may still be on the Waiver Wire. They are playing KC this week which may turn some people off. If you wouldn’t mind helping me with my questions. It’s under Lost Dalvin Cook need trade help

Yeah, Murray.