Decided to retool my team prior to week 6 (Big Mistake)

My team was only averaging 108 pts a week, lowest in the league but I somehow still had managed a 3-2 record.

So what do I do this week in an attempt to ‘get better’.

Trade off

Michel - after week four and he magically starts getting targets (full PPR ) and going for 85 plus yards. Still the TDs aren’t there but vast improvement.

Diggs - 3 tds over 150 yards.

Conner - Already a td tonight

McClaurin - 2 tds. 100 yards

I pretty much lost because I traded Diggs for Lockett and the difference between the output of them two this week.


Pieces I got.




Tell me it’s going to be alright ROS.

Are you saying you traded those four guys and receiver those three guys?

Different trades but yeah.

After week 4 Sony for Wentz (Allen was my qb and was in concussion protocol and it was an upgrade…Steep price but was needed as very little streaming options were on wire)

After week 5 Diggs for Lockett and Conner/McLaurin for Kamara.

This week every single player I traded off save for Michel had 2 + tds each and Michel easily could have had 2-3 himself given the game script.

I traded myself out of a 4-2 record and now will be 3-3 and 3 games out of first as we still have one unbeaten team.

Plus Kamara showed up on injury report less than 24 hours after trading for him. I’m just snake bit this year.

Lineup is now
Breida or Josh Gordon or streamer for flex (D Jax still on bench too)
Jax/TN def mix and match.

You can’t determine who won or lost a trade the first week or even the first few weeks. It’s about who makes the post season. Trades are just an aspect. Michel hasn’t proven anything that should make you regret moving him (especially for Wentz), and as for the Diggs trade that one might wind up a wash at years end they’ll both be solid WRs if anything Lockett will be more consistent. Moving Conner is fine because they’re on the third stringer and there’s so much unknown. McLaurin is the price you and to pay to upgrade your RB sanity. Don’t panic because of the guys you traded doing well this week, hold steady. We’ve just begun the season

We don’t have post season. Straight up standings league with head to head tie break over total points.

That’s good in a the season is REALLY just starting for me type of way.

That head to head is tough though. The guy I faced will be one of the guys that is there at the end as he always is and I practically traded away a victory over him this week. That hurts. I face him once more but will have to win to make us a 1-1 wash against each other and then it reverts back to total pts, which he will have a decided advantage at.

Your team is solid, I think patience is key

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James Conner now has an injured quad.

I hate myself, but that makes me feel just a tad better.

Conner has a bye week .

Also they were up by a lot so who knows if it is much of an injury.

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Oh I agree, but given his all out straight ahead style and the fact that earlier this season he’s had both a knee and ankle on the injury report and now a quad then stuff like that gives me pause, but then again I picked up Kamara and BAM he’s instantly on the injury report too. I just know Ben isn’t coming back and Brees is.

Yeah but locket will be a better option full season. I’m a Diggs owner and he was on the bench… Big sad

My WR are so bad that I would have had to start him at least in Flex (most likely). I can still win league but not much room for error now. I can only possibly lose 3-4 more times at the absolute most and even then it would have to be a situation where a gaggle of teams were fighting it out at the top. It’s possible one of these teams runs things out with only 3 -4 losses.