Deciding between two big trades

I have two trades I am trying to decide between. Both are utilizing my running back depth and one is getting a top end rb, and the other is improving wr and te. Which would you rather have?

Scenario 1: I trade Mccoy, C. Thompson, C. Davis, and Njoku for B. Cooks, Gronk, R. Jones
Scenario 2: I trade J. Howard and Mccoy/Thompson for Kamara

Rb: Mixon, Howard, Cook, Mccoy, Thompson, Morris
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, C. Davis, J. Brown
Te: Njoku

My God if you can trade Howard and McCoy for Karama runs as far and as fast as you can to make it happen as fast as you can. That is a literal bludgeoning of a trade. May even get veto’d. Wish we had such fantasy morons in my league.

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Yeah…not 100% chance it gets done, but Kamra on bye helps. Would you do it if it were Cook and Howard?

95% chance of yes. What TEs are on waiver? Or does he have a lesser TE he could pitch in?

Tight ends other than OJ Howard available are Jesse James, Ben Watson, RSJ. Pretty bleak. Competitive 12 man league. The Gronk owner also has Olsen. The Kamara owner has Ebron as his only rostered TE

If you’re asking me which i prefer between Kamara/OJ or Howard/McCoy, it isn’t even close. They aren’t in the same stratosphere. Jump on it and enjoy your wins.

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I totally agree! I like the trade for me…just deciding if I like it more than getting Gronk and B. Cooks

Considering what I give up.

The other seems too complicated for me. I just personally don’t like trading more that a couple of players at a time. The other is clear and concise and an absolute winner.

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Is it too crazy to believe you can do both?

Only way is if I throw in D. Cook as well, at which point I am getting rid of 4 rbs and only getting 2 back and one of those 2 is R. JOnes so probably not. Interesting thought though.

So you end with Mixon Kamara Morris Jones at RB. Brown Cooks Hilton Brown at WR. Gronk TE. Would be a lot but that starting lineup would look great

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That’s true. I could probably make that work, if only. Turns out the Kamara owner backed out last second, so that one is off the table. Hate when people bring up trade ideas and then back out. Thanks for the help though guys!

Dude wised up.