Deciding draft order ideas

Hey guys, I’m in a 12 man league and we are trying to think of a creative way to decide the draft order soon. The catch is we can’t all be together to do something to decide it, anyone have any good ideas?? Thanks footclan!

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It’s kind of lame but I draw HORRIBLE caricatures of all my friends and fold them up and pick out of a hat.

Gotta focus on making fun of them though. Like one of my friends gets real angry all the time so I drew him with green skin, veins popping out and punching a wall. Another friend has a horrible tattoo so of course that was included somehow.

And for each picture you pull, take a picture of each one by one and send to a group chat with all of them in it.

Just throwing out the idea.

Dunno if this helps you, but I’ve done the following in my league to determine draft order

Simulate a Royal Rumble in a wwe video game (any smackdown game on the ps2 usually works)

  • Every owner gets a wrestler whosever wrestler wins the match or comes the closest get to pick where they want to draft first, and then you move down the list. You’ll have to keep track of who everyone in the league has and when they’re eliminated.
  • Home made wonderlic test. Every owner comes up with 2 multiple choice questions (can be about anything, and they all email them to a neutral party who prints out the test, every owner has 5 mins to complete). Highest score wins.
  • Create every owner as a RB in madden, give them all 99 stats for everything, place them on different teams as the starter. Sim a season, whoever has the highest fantasy season (rushing yards and rushing TD’s combined) gets the first pick.
  • The board game perfection, fastest time wins.
  • Apple stacking, first to stack 4 apples on top of each other, fastest time wins
  • World Cup
  • Super smash bros tourney, simmed with computers so no one has to play

Hope any of those help. Good luck with your situation.

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