Deciding what to do with my RB situation

Kind of flipping a move I made last week. Would you drop Martin to pick up Jamaal Williams?
Already clinched a playoff spot and have a week 1 bye. My RBs are:
Freeman (hoping he comes back)
Martin (Concussion and has been generally poor)
Drake (owns the role…but Miami)
Morris (owns the role for now)

Williams seems like a good pick-up but may only be the lead back for another week or so. Would you drop Martin to get Williams or one of the other temporary lead backs (e.g., Drake/Morris)?

My worry is if Freeman isn’t back, I end up going into playoffs with one decent RB (Hyde) and a bunch of others who may take a back seat when injuries to the regular lead RBs are cleared.

Standard scoring.

Grab williams . He will not go away if and when Monti returns. He has turned into a good two way back. Martin has been consistently bad except for his first week back.

See if Drake is available. He was in a time share with Williams who is now out with an injury