Decision problem on first pick

12 team ppr keeper league, i have 2nd pick, rb= 1/10, w= 1/20. Brown, bell, beckham, green, gordon, evans all kept, Johnson will likely be 1st pick. Should i pick jones or mccoy. Rbs will be slim pickings for me coming back at the 2nd rd. I am keeping powell in the 10th. Thank you for any advice.

Pick McCoy, especially if you are worried about lack of solid RBs for at 2/3 rd turn. Plus I gotta imagine that BUF running game is gonna beef up even more with Watkins gone.

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If I am reading it correctly, in your league players get a point for every 10 yards rushing and one for every 20 receiving.

That makes it easy. Shady is your guy.

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Yes, that is the point sys. Thank you for your input

Seems like it devalues the WR and TE positions.

McCoy, for sure.