Dede a dump?

Just thinking with this being the FINAL SHOWDOWN for our League, just wondering if I should trust Dede. Do you??? Especially since I’ve also got JuJu and R Woods. Leaning really, really hard towards JuJu for the END OF OUR SEASON possible top plays. Not saying I’m expecting JuJu to go nuts or anything…just really thinking him over Dede.

What’s y’all thoughts???

Thanks a mil y’all and HUGE HUGE LUCK TO EVERYBODY who’s sweating bullets this week!!!

I am trusting Dede, I’m not a big major analyst, but with Lee out… I just think he’s in a great position this weekend. And since I’m playing AGAINST Bortles, I’m thinking he’s a good addition.

I’d go with woods. He’s clearly goffs go to guy. Juju might not be as effective without ab soaking up all the defenses attention anymore. Dede has a solid matchup against my 49ers too. Lol woods final answer

LOL. I know that feeling. If I’m playing somebody vs sitting them, you can bet I’m probably screwed. And if I don’t have that player but my opponent does…I’m almost definitely screwed!!! So…I know what you’re saying…since your opponent’s QB will be throwing to him you’re figuring he’ll most assuredly go off.

For what it’s worth, I’ve pretty much decided to bench him this week since I’ve got both JuJu and Woods as an option. Thanks huge my friend for your thoughts!!!:hugs:

Thanks @jeffrey_soliman. Yeah…I’m really torn here on these two for the reasons you listed. To be honest, I’m kinda thinking the other way about JuJu with AB not in the picture. BUT…at this stage of the game so much is on the line that 2, 3, 4…hell…25 heads are always better than one. LOL

Oh hell. I just re-read the comments here and apparently mis-read your point concerning AB. Good point. Can’t believe I didn’t think about that. BUT…been a really mentally exhaustive week here with a family situation. So…hey my friend…thanks a million for your thoughts. That’s a VERY, VERY good point to take into consideration!!! Still can’t believe that didn’t occur to me!!!:roll_eyes: