Dede or Kenny G

Dynasty League, half PPR, would you rather have Dede Westbrook or Kenny Golladay??[poll type=regular]

  • Dede Westbrook
  • Kenny Golladay

Kenny G all day!

this was on all-Madden online dynasty. #year1

Am I understanding correctly, you’re basing your choice off what you did with him in Madden?


All I need to say

I would take Kenny G solely on QB.

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That’s kind of tough, who’s the QB in Minnesota? Who’s the QB in Jacksonville? I think Minnesota takes a step back next year without Shurmur and Rodgers being back in GB. Plus they have a tougher #1 schedule. I’ll take DeDe I think.

Kenny G plays for Detroit

Hahaha. You’re right! Lol too much in my head!