Dede or Kupp behind Hopkins

Based on all rankings and high hopes for Krupp’s return, he’s been holding the spot all week, but Goff took 0 preseason snaps and is on the road, while Foles is already showing Dede to be a favorite target. What say you?

Bump. I get nervous about making last-minute changes, and I’m getting a look at Dede sitting in the active roster. Who do you prefer there

Dede against the Chiefs! Jags will have to throw!


THAT’S what was suddenly on my mind this morning too!

Plus all Rams receivers scare me a little bit since they’re having to spread the targets amongst 3 strong receivers!

I think Dede gets more volume. Kupp has more TD upside.

Foles loves to throw to slot and showed that in the preseason with Dede.


I forgot that my fantasy choices have always been directly tied to injuries. Sorry everybody. :man_facepalming:t2: