Dede, Terry, Montgomery, or Hyde in the Flex

got these 4 to fill my flex spot this week. Looking to be a close matchup and I need the win, so I’m going to overthink my flex.

Compelling arguments for any of the candidates?

Montgomery based on usage.

I’m leaning Dede, since he should get a number of looks, and CIN sis usually good at locking the WR1 down, meaning Chark is covered leaving Dede open.

I don’t trust Terry against SF (Niners fan so…)

Montgomery could have a good game coming off the bye, but could flop again.

Hyde has gotten better every week, but IND is solid against the run

Am I pretty accurate/correct on my evaluations? Or missing something and should lean towards someone else.

Feel like it’s really coming down to Dede vs Montgomery

I know he’ll get the touches, I’m just concerned about the production. He hasn’t gone over 12 points, and the Saints are really good against RBs

I mean, none of them seem like good options this week really. Can’t trust Terry against the SF D, Dede hasn’t produced all season, Hyde is okay but is in a pass heavy offense when not playing KC. But it’s all guess-work with flex spots.

To me depends if you need guaranteed points or want the chance as a big game.

Dede and especially McLaurin give you a shot at big games, but also run the risk of not doing much. Dede has a better matchup.

Monty and Hyde have a higher floor, but hard to see either having really big games.

That’s what I was thinking. Def not playing Terry, Dede has a decent matchup and is due for a TD soon, so I can see him at a floor of 10 points, ceiling of close to 20.

Monty has only given me 10-12 points a game, nothing big yet, and seems unlikely to have a breakout against NO.

Those are the two I’m really juggling rn, can’t pull the trigger on either yet, but as of now favoring Dede

Cincy is allowing the some of the fewest PPG to WRs in any format, not just the No 1s, and part of that is them trailing in games and being turnstiles against the run. That game script favors a heavy dose of Fournette to salt away the game without the need for much production through the air, so not a ton of upside for Jags WRs outside of a lucky TD.

I think it’s between Monty and Hyde, leaning Monty coming off the bye

Fair point. I don’t think Dede will have a huge game, hoping his usual 10 points or so, unless he snags a score.

I’m just scared of Monty this week because of New Orleans. I know he has the bye, but they could fall behind, and NO is good against RBs so far. I’d like Chicago to commit to the run and let him do his thing, but I can easily see NO shutting him down. I’ve liked Monty and have trusted him every week, I just have a bad feeling I guess

No you’re right, and this also feels like a Cohen game too with how much offenses have been targeting RBs vs New Orleans. You can score on the Saints tho. And it’s still the Bears D at home and the Saints may be without Kamara.

I’m not opposed to Dede, it’s just slot WRs have been feast or famine vs Cincy. I think either way you go is somewhat a leap of faith, so go with your gut.

True, that’s why I’m struggling on this one, neither is really a secure bet on 10+ points, so it’s just super-analyzing the matchups and crossing fingers. Hopefully the rest of my team scores big so it won’t really matter, but in case it’s close…

I’ll probably go Monty tho. Thanks for all the help!

@N7Decker I hate to slightly recant after all that lol but I dug further into the matchups and I forgot about Diontae Johnson…counting him, Cincy has given up at least 11 full PPR points to slot WRs in 3 of the last 4 weeks.

You have your guy. Apologies :joy:

Haha no worries man, I appreciate the effort and conversation! Best of luck to you

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