Dede Westbrook, Mike Evans or Kareem Hunt

I need a play for my flex, debating Kareem Hunt, evans, or Westbrook.
I’m debating Westbrook because Hurns is out this week and Bortles seems to like Westbrook. And I know hunt is a solid play after last week but I just don’t know if I trust his inconsistent play against a solid defense. And Evans is not looking good as of late but is still Mike Evans. Please help!

Personally I’d say Hunt. His floor is solid and his celling is tremendous. The other two have boom or bust.

Hunt but Evans is a close second.

Hunt, Westbrook then Evans for me. I blame Winston for Evans poor play

Worst case scenario you are going to get 10 points out of Hunt, since he has averaged that excluding last week and Evans could get you 5 points on a bad week.