Dede Westbrook or Golden Tate for rest of season?

In a standard league… Should I keep Dede Westbrook and hope for a turnaround or pick up suspended NYG WR Golden Tate for future WR3 use since he’s got to be their WR1 especially since they’re starting a QB that can throw now???

Neither are great standard league plays: low yardage guys with limited TD upside.
Is there someone other than Tate you can pick up? If not, I think I lean Tate just because I think Daniel Jones is better than Minshew

Tate for me.
Tate has the talent and is suited for what we believe to be Jones’ style.

The limited info we have on the Jaguars shows me that Dede will not be a good option, and if he is it will be splitting the workload with Conley/Chark.

Im kinda on the same boat. Drop Robby Anderson for Tate or DJ Moore?

if its only the two then I would go with Tate, he might have the better output.

help with mine plz