Dede Westbrook vs Keelan Cole

I don’t know much about these two but I like the value of having a potential WR 1 on my bench.

Who’s it going to be boys?

Cole or Westbrook?

Leaning Cole

rough decision tho. Cole has been the guy in the end of last season but westbrook was injured in the beginning of last years campaign so he wasn’t able to show his full skill set yet. I’m sure westbrook and cole will have a couple of good games but for now I would stick to cole

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Tough one. I think Westbrook is the better player, but I’m not so sure they agree. I’d take a stab at whichever is cheapest.

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Thanks guys, I talked to my local Jags expert as he is a die hard. He thinks Cole as well. Say that Bortles tend to target and look for him first.

I like Cole, was liking him before Lee’s injury. Do I think either guy is a week to week starter? No. But If you can pick the right weeks Cole will get some homeruns.