Deebo and Bell for J. Jacobs?

Would you guys do this trade?

My RB’s are:
J. Mixon
J. Robison
D. Henderson
A. Gibson
J. McKinnon

My WR’s are:
C. Godwin
D. Moore
T. McLaurin
A. Brown
R. Anderson
J. Jefferson

I would be getting J. Jacobs and giving away Bell and Deebo

Two guys coming back from injury for a top 5 RB. Yep. I would probably do that. Lol.

This is a about as great of a trade as possible for jacobs side

In all honesty i think even IF the trade doesnt work out you have the depth at both positions to survive it and i would much rather have Jacobs

No surprise here the fa$&*t backed out of the deal