Deebo Dynasty Trade

Deebo or the 2.01 and 2.05? 10 team superflex, 0.5 ppr

I prefer Deebo.

Deebo without question

i think that is pretty close. i like deebo for sure and he is a target of mine this off season. but in a 10 team league you are in a really choice range of value. particularly in SF where quite possibly the first 3 picks are QB, which really gives you a shot at some high end rookies for WR/RB. 0.5 ppr makes a difference as well, since IMHO he will do better in a full PPR based on how they use him in SF.

I would be find with either. if you need to add pieces in different positions, i think you could get someone similar to deebo plus a piece at a different position with those picks. if you are good with your squad, i would happily stick with deebo.

IMHO it more comes down to are you needing to fill in gaps somewhere. if you are not, then keep the player. just my thoughts, but i hope they help!

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