Deebo for adams

Trade deebo for adams straight up? Afraid of that calf.

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Davante Adams? You’re going to need to give more, especially with Deebo’s calf injury. What kind of league are you in?


@Mike_Hawk half ppr redraft league

I’d trade Deebo for Adams without hesitation. Deebo has been balling out but the injury history is scary and one of these days the 49ers are going to make the move to Lance which may downgrade the passing attack. There’s nobody more consistent than Adams with a lengthy resume to prove it, and now even Tonyan isn’t around to vulture redzone targets

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Agree with @Mike_Hawk, you’re going to need more to get Adams.

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@hockeykid If this puts anything into perspective (granted, I’m trying to trade for Adams, and the owner is really wanting to hold him.) I’ve offered DK, Hopkins, and TJ Hockenson all at once for him, still no dice. It’ll have to be pretty sweet deal for Adams owner to agree with it


Now Rodgers is out this week also

Maybe try and get a deal done because of last week and this week, but you won’t be getting Adams for cheap

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If you can get it I’d definitely be okay with that. Especially in redraft. I’m not sure the D Adams owner will take it, although AARod being out maybe 2 weeks might sway the situation.

However the other offer you put out there got rejected and I’d take almost anyone of them for Deebo straight up in redraft. If they passed on that, IDNK if Deebo alone gets it done.

Why is everyone scared of Deebo’s calf? He was suffering from it last week and posted a 6/171/0 stat line with .5 yard short of a TD.

In addition, Adams also has a lengthy injury history.

Imho, this is a lateral move. Both are excellent and in the top 5.

I’m just saying that the Adams manager might value Adams’ namesake more-so and look at Deebo’s calf and get hesitant. The Adams manager might look at it as a very big red flag, but I do agree with you. Adams has a lengthy injury past