Deebo for Arob?

Should I trade Deebo for Arob?
Current roster:
WRs: Hopkins, Dj Moore, Deebo, Mooney, Pittman

I believe Deebo is the leading receiver right now. This is a tough one. You assume Arob is better ROS but who knows. We have not seen Deebo for a full season. You might be able to get more right now.

Agreed - Deebo’s value (and hopefully I don’t regret this) is probably never going to be higher than it is right now. I can’t imagine Aiyuk will be a ghost for the entire season and Kittle is bound to bounce back. I’m a Bears fan and genuinely believe we’ll see the best version of ARob ever once Fields gets his legs under him.

Unless Fields totally sucks, despite what Nagy says; if he plays decent/well, I can’t see him getting benched back for Dalton. The team will riot.

Deebo is made of glass, sell high while you can!

I’m a deebo owner too, I think he’s gonna be used a whole lot more now, you could see him used as a makeshift rb because of the situation with the 49ers at the moment.
If you really want to trade him I’d look for more than Robinson because of the above.