Deebo For Henderson?

How would everyone feel about trading Deebo Samuel for Darrel Henderson in half ppr? We Run 3 WRs and my WRs would still be Diggs, Diontae Johnson, and Antonio Brown.

I think I’d prefer Deebo still. Unless you’re in desperate need at RB

Who are your RB’s? Rest of your WR’s?

I like Henderson a lot ROS, I’m leaning towards thinking you should do the trade but if Diontae or Brown can’t go one week it’ll be tough if you don’t have anyone else.

I feel like I do have enough depth if I get in trouble. We have deep benches because it’s an IDP/dynasty league, but I got Allen Robinson, Odell, Corey Davis, and Emmanuel Sanders. (we also start 3 WE/TEs).

I also am the bigger winner on Damien Williams this week too

How did Deebo look with Trey Lance in the game for the second half? Do you know?

2 TDs in a quarter and a half. They looked amazing