Deebo Temperature Check

Have Deebo in a couple of leagues, but wasn’t drafted to be anything more than a 3rd or 4th WR. What’re folks thought on him? Sell high or ride it out a bit longer? I know it’s also team/league dependent, but general thoughts?

I would temper expectations alittle for Deebo, but I think he’ll be fine ros. I don’t know if aiyuk is enough of a threat to his targets

Ride it out. Kittle may end up getting the lead in targets again…but Deebo is a perfect fit for this offense and is awesome after the catch. The fact that he is your 3rd/4th receiver is awesome. Ride it out.

His value is probly about as high now as it will be all season. Once last year’s #1 draft pick (that they traded up to get) gets healthy and involved, that will sap some of Deebo’s targets, and getting the running game on track with some consistency will return more focus to Shanahan’s ground attack.

He will probly continue to return the value you drafted him to return–WR3/4–all season, but if you think you can capitalize on his overproduction in the first two weeks, this would be the time to cash in.