Deebo Trades, Which One!?

Have a few offers floating around, cant decide which one I like best. Full PPR, League rosters QB, 3x WR/TE, 2xRB, 1 Flex.
My RBs: Cook, JRob, Patterson
WRs: Ridley, Deebo, DJ, Lockett, Mike Thomas, Corey Davis, Toney, Patrick, Shenault

Deebo, Patterson, Lockett for Kupp, Pollard, Waddle/Mandrews
Deebo and Lockett for Tyreek
Patterson, Lockett, Corey Davis for CMC and Mattison

Which one of these is best? I lean Tyreek just because I hate to give up Patterson but how would you rank these trades?

I don’t see any value in first trade.

I probably like the second deal best, but turning Patterson into CMC isn’t bad either.

you dont see any value in turning Deebo into Kupp? My thought on that one is I only lose 1 locked in starter (Deebo) but am turning him into Kupp. Dont like losing Patterson as he is my RB insurance right now but is the upgrade to Kupp not worth it?

I think your strength now is already in WR and you have ZERO RB depth if you get rid of Patterson.

IMO, that is too important to part with just to upgrade you WR from really good to great.

Tis the truth and I know it. Just so exciting to try to get Kupp on the team haha. Thanks for the hard truth

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what are your thoughts on a Deebo and Lockett for Henderson and Amari Cooper trade?

I would do the second offer, but if you need TE you should consider the first