Deep 16 man dynasty trade!?!

Deep 16 team .5 PPR 1 QB 2 Flex league

Should i trade Reagor for Landry?

In a win now situation and think i need one more play now player to put me over the top

QB: Watson, Minshew
RB: Carson, Taylor, Dobbins, Penny
Wr: Julio, Hill, Metcalf, Lazard, Reagor
Te: Hurst

Those are all of my “playable” and rookies in the league

What is the full starting lineup requirements?

It’s smart to base a trade on your evaluation of being a contender or not. If the team rostering Landry is looking for a rebuild, then that win-win.

However, I’m curious about your “win now” evaluation. I would not have used that term for this roster. But I know 16 team leagues are a different animal. To me, your RB and TE positions are variables with upside. What does the next best team look like?